We need to confess. Recently, we’ve been swept up by what we call… ‘The Strange Hype’.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re referring to one of the most talked about TV shows today – Netflix’s creepy cool summer series, set in the ‘80s.

Some say Stranger Things is an elaborate collection of references to retro shows – cue E.T., Poltergeist, Predator and The Goonies. We couldn’t agree more! The supernatural thriller has successfully brought back the ‘80s nostalgia. Even better, the very nature of the show’s authenticity has created an emotional pull so strong that makes it relevant to digital audiences today, from baby boomers to millennials.

At our recent huddle (a weekly get-together where we talk about all things digital, or anything else that makes us tick, really), our digital designer, Felicia Chia sought to answer this:

What makes Stranger Things so unforgettable?

Here’s her take on what brands can learn from Stranger Things’ innovative marketing tactics, to improve their social media presence.

1. They ‘strangify’ the experience on social media

It’s not innovation for innovation’s sake. The team at Netflix brought social media to stranger heights when they reach out to viewers on the show’s social media platforms. Taking on an inbound marketing approach, the producers were able to create an extension of the show’s creepy cool realm, by cleverly knowing how to maximise every feature for the brand.

Portrayal of scenes through GIFs posted on Facebook


View full Insta-stories videos here: https://www.facebook.com/StrangerThingsTV/videos/780329305440088/

Although the first season has ended, the show allows the audience to relive the strange experience through 360-degree videos and Instagram Stories. It’s almost like they’re telling them, “We won’t let you forget us.”

2. They build conversations by really listening to the audience

Respond to what audiences care for, and you’d have a conversation going! When one of its characters, Barbara “Barb” Holland (whom surprisingly amassed a cult-like following) was killed offscreen, fans took to the Internet to show their outpouring of love for the character.

Since then, the producers have changed their tune. From a tragic character whose story was forgotten, Barb’s presence lived on through their social media platforms, even without the producers spending any screen time on her. The fans were pleased.

3. They embrace the power of repetition

With every post on social media, there is only a small window of opportunity for brands to nail an impression. Part of why Stranger Things is such a phenomenon is also because the content creators have embraced the power of repetition in its social media strategy.

In a blog entry by Hootsuite, “Repetition is, in many ways, utterly essential to a successful social media strategy (and avoiding burnout).”

From the choice of typeface to its art direction, Stranger Things kept its creepy cool 80’s sci-fi vibe consistent through its look and feel on social media. It was more than a tribute to nostalgia. It was how they remained authentic. Combining these ingredients with quotes and memorable scenes from the show, they were able to repeat key messages in fresh ways.
 carbon-blog-quotesLike Stranger Things, it’s time to put these lessons to the test! Do you have any tips of your own? Leave us a comment, we welcome your feedback warmly.


Felicia Chia, Digital Designer
Nadiah Nanni, Copywriter/Social Media Editor