Suits always have to be on schedule with the plethora of activities we have to complete. Be it liaising with clients, media monitoring or booking time from the creative content department.

Sometimes, there can be order in the chaos. However, one can lose track of what they need to do as the multi-tasking gets heavy.

A digital Suit goes beyond the neatness of their table but the organization of her digital space as well. We check in with our Carbon Suits on how they stay above the mess and organize themselves.



#Tip 1

Working in a digital agency doesn’t mean we don’t use pen and paper. Samantha, a Digital Account Executive who originally started with experience as a Community Manager still prefers to do things the old-school way. She starts the day with a To-Do List on 2 separate notebooks. One for her notes and another solely for the things that need to be done that day. The key is to list down even the smallest things to prevent yourself from forgetting the less urgent tasks!


#Tip 2

Being disciplined is important so that you will not incur a backlog of tasks to do. Daphne, a Senior Digital Account Executive, prints out important things and store them in plastic folders. She then uses post-its to highlight key details on top of the folders. This could work for you if you’re a kinesthetic learner, where you have something physical to work with.


#Tip 3

For the Digital Natives, you can use Wunderlist. This application allows you to create To-Do lists that sync with your phone and laptop. There’s even a cool function which allows you to turn your emails into actions when you forward them to Wunderlist.  When you finish a task, the application gives you a “ding” sound which encourages a sense of achievement.

#Tip 4

The Intern, Isabella, notes down all her tasks into Google Calendar. There is a great function where the app will send a notification 10 minutes before the start time on the task. This helps her to gauge whether she needs more time or move on to other important things.

Create an overarching timeline to help you keep track of the urgent tasks at hand. You can even set a notification 3 days before the deadline as a reminder. This can help you to prioritize your work better.


#Tip 5

A good Project Management software can help you see an overview of all the tasks at hand. The Digital Account Manager, Pratiwi, uses (formerly known as dapulse) to manage her time and plan ahead visually. The application makes use of colors to identify the status of various tasks. It also allows you to communicate with your team in one place when you add information like documents and discuss ideas about a particular project on 1 board.

#Tip 6

Kimberly tends to embrace a little mess at her desk, but now the Digital Account Executive uses a reward system to stay organized. One way is to play a game to keep yourself in order. It doesn’t make sense since games are usually associated with mess. But hear us out on this, you can split your table into 2 halves. One side for the things you have to do and the other half for the things you have already done.


#Tip 7

Write down all your tasks on post-its and transfer them from the undone side to the completed side of your table. You can even use post-its with a specific color for urgent matters; so you’ll know which tasks to clear first. Just like how Pilots fly their planes from one side to another, as shared by one of our Directors, Chew. It helped Kimberly as it was rewarding – just like the ‘Good Job’ stickers you get in Primary school.


#Tip 8

As the Director of the Suits, Inez knows not to rely on herself to remember every single thing she needs to do. She creates a routine that will help her to plan instead of reacting. It may take a bit more effort at the start but once you have a clearer picture of what needs to be done, you won’t be overwhelmed.


Don’t be afraid to try out different things to see what Suits you best. 😉 If you find it hard to stay organised, try to develop habits and give yourself some time to get used to it. Tell us what are your best organizing hacks in the comments section below.


This article was first published by Isabella Cordelia Chua on 28 June 2018.

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  • Max Wong says:

    At the end of every year, I will purchase a large A3-size Desk Calendar which has 12 monthly sheets. This allows me to have a clear overview of the schedule for the entire month and more. I also keep a small notebook which I carry in my bag and for lunch. I will jot down anything or sketch some doodles if the inspiration comes.

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