By Felicia

This is an age-old question. How do you stay creative and remain at the top of your game when you work in an environment that constantly requires you to be creative?

As I’ve shared in my previous article on believing in yourself and your creativity, this quote by Maya Angelou speaks to me:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Now, that sounds real nice. But if that’s really the case, then why are so many articles and cries for help on how to stay creative, and the usual coffeeshop talk among peers about always needing to find inspiration?

So yes, while I still agree that you can’t use up creativity, creativity can sometimes feel blocked or stuck — especially when you’re stressed or when your brain just wants to have a PJ party when you’re on a mission-impossible deadline.

Deadline tomorrow………


Your brain ignoring said deadline.

Here’s my emergency game-plan on getting the creative bone in my body to cooperate and stop playing with the fluffy unicorn!!

  1. Stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath.
  2. Re-assess the situation. Can you break the job up into smaller tasks with a more workable timeline?
  3. Listen to some Bruno Mars and daydream. What drinks should we have at the PJ party?
  4. Stop crying.
  5. Stop blaming everyone else for being in this rut. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  6. Go out and have a bit of fun, if time permits. Or.. talking to your colleagues about random stuff while you’re on the way to the bathroom works too.
  7. Fake it till you make it! Again, read my article if you haven’t. Search for good references you can base your designs on. Good designers copy, great designers steal. Or something like that.
  8. Play Rihanna’s ‘Work’ song and get to it!

I’m really curious though, what would you do to pull yourself out of the creative rut and how do you find inspiration?

Please help a designer out and share your tips in the comments below!

P.S. A PJ party suddenly seems like a good idea if we have to work overnight……





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