In Carbon, event coverage is content creation on-the-fly. It is very challenging because it’s dynamic and spontaneous. If you snooze, you lose!

We have had our share of painful better-luck-next-time moments: missed shots, blurred subjects and bad lighting. But then we know how to learn from our mistakes. As we always say, “please improve.” And improved we have. So now you best get ready because we are shifus (kungfu masters) armed with useful tips to share with y’all greenhorns out there.

Hear it straight from our shooters.

Tip 1: Be ready — always!

Zerick Poon, Digital Designer
Grad Expectations 2016
Client: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
“In fashion photography, always pre-empt what will happen next, stand by even before the model walks down the runway.  You can never predict when the model will make an impromptu twirl while walking down the catwalk—and sometimes that is when the clothes do its magic.”

Jin Yian Choo, Senior Digital Designer
Life on the Edge Photography Workshop with photographer, Anton @mellowedhigh, 16 September 2017
Client: Funan

“Make sure your main product is in FOCUS, so that your audience can see the details.”  

Tip 3: Be friendly, break the ice.

Felicia Chia, Junior Art Director
Night Festival 2016, 18 & 19 August 2016
Client: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

“As much as possible, always break the ice with your subject before you direct and shoot them. People are generally nice to people who make the first move to be friendly. Get their names, crack a joke or simply smile often…these little gestures make a difference as you put your subjects at ease while snapping them in their element! And if you didn’t manage to capture it right the first time, they are more likely re-do the pose for you.” ✌ 🍺

Tip 4: Don’t be shy to take the shot!

Joanna Teo, Digital Designer
Community Sports Day 6, 16 September 2017
Client: Ministry of Culture Community and Youth (MCCY)

“I was tasked to capture the Minister during a family sports event. I realised that I had to be really quick in following her around to capture all her actions and interactions with participants on the ground. One thing I’ve  learned is not to be shy. If you miss a photo opportunity during a group photo—ask for it again! Oh, another thing is to always prepare extra SD/CF cards, you never know when you can get time to delete photos when your card is full.”

Tip 5: Let the lines lead the way

Carlo Victoriano, Creative Director
STUDIO Photowalk, 19 November 2016
Client: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

“When composing a shot, try to experiment with angles. Search for interesting lines. Strong leading lines create more impactful shots!”

There are many things that can go wrong in an event coverage. So here’s an additional tip to guarantee better results. ‘Check your gear early and go through the event programme. If possible go down and recce the site before the actual shoot.’

And finally, the best tip for last.