Meetchopz Design Inspirations #01

By Carlo

Your content creation and visual design need to achieve maximum impact. How do you create designs that are relevant this summer holidays, and grab your audience’s attention?


I’ve collected some works that embrace the season to help you dive into your designs like an eager porpoise with a purpose.

Challenge the status quo. Bread and b̶u̶t̶t̶e̶r bikini. Just because…

What’s hot? GIFs – to “sea” is to believe.

Summer Time City by Szabó Andrea

The secret to a good tan and a “hot” animation – slow, subtle, and seamless movements.

Summer Time | Animation

Bob Ross once said, “There are no mistakes only happy little accidents.” — dare to slip and slide.

Summer colours don’t always have to be yellow, red, and orange, it can be cool like the pool too.

… convooo, about ya summa by Jordan Raschuttle


Frozen, fruity, and tangy creates a cool and refreshing summer.

Hungry Jacks — Noelia Lozano

Who says pastel hues are for babies? Check how Kota Yamaji makes pastels and eccentric compositions pop!


I hope you are able to get some sparks of inspiration from this article.

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