Easily create images to build your rockstar digital presence

By Carlo

How do you attract eyeballs online?

If there’s one thing that can help build your rockstar digital presence, it’s having a unique visual identity.

This is how I do it.

Let There be Spark

First, we need an awesome tool.

There are tons of tools out there, but when I say awesome,

I meant free.

Introducing Adobe Spark. <applause>

Image Source

Why Spark?

  1. Mobile and Web
    Projects are automatically synced. Create anything, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Easy to use
    Photoshop skills not required.
  3. Adaptation
    Your artwork is magically resized for different social media platform dimensions.
  4. Free, free, and free
    A free app with free resources. What more can you ask for?

There’s just one caveat: Adobe Spark does not allow you to add your logo/watermark. In any case, plastering watermarks everywhere is old school. Online users don’t really care about fancy watermarks. They care about finding your brand in the digital space. A hashtag or a web url would work better.

Now, let me illustrate how to create an image post using my workflow. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create an account, start a project

Create an account without signing up for a subscription.
Did I mention it’s free?

Click the menu icon (top left).

Step 1–1: Click the menu icon to open up the slide navigation bar

Click on “Post”(green button with a plus sign).

Step 1–2: Click “Post”

Step 2: Key in your message and choose a format

Add your message and choose an image size

My Message
“You were born to stand out”- Dr Seuss

My Image Size
Twitter (2:1)

Step 2: Key in your message and choose a format

Click Continue.

Step 3: Choose your colours, font, and image

Combine photo, filter, font, colours, and layout style to create your unique visual identity.

Click on Text (top right).
Play with the options below (Shape, Colour, and Font)

My combo
Font: Megrim
Colour: Green
Shape: Rectangle bars

Step 3: Choose font type, colour and shapes.

Step 4: Add a hashtag

Add a hashtag to extend your brand’s functional reach.

Refer to Step 3 screen:
Click Add (Green button with plus sign).

Click add text (“T +” icon).

Step 4–1: Click “add text”

My hashtag

Step 4–2: Enter your hashtag

Step 5: Choose a background photo

Add/Change your background photo.

To change the default background photo, tap your artwork
Click replace (image+pencil icon).

Step 5–1: Replace the background photo

Click Find Photos (magnifying glass icon) on the side panel.

My search keyword

Step 5–2: Use search to find “Lego”

Choose an eye catching photo that matches your message.

Step 5–3: Choose eye-catching photos. Click on the thumbnail to select.

Click(close). This will display the filter options.

My photo filter

Step 5–4: Choose a photo filter

Click Share.
Then Download.

Step 5–5: Download your visual


Note: It’s easy to remove the Adobe Spark branding, find out how.

Step 6: Resizing for other platforms

To re-create the image post for other platforms, simply duplicate your project.

Click Duplicate.

Click Layout (top right)
Choose a platform under the “Resize” tab and Spark will magically lay out your artwork !

Instagram (1:1)
Web Banner (3:1)
iPhone (1:1.78)

That’s all there is to it. Six steps, 4 minutes.
Now blasting my visuals into digital space.

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