Knowing best practice and UI design are no longer sufficient if you want to deliver an awesome user experience. Our Creative Director, Carlo Victoriano, shares some of his insights.

A Holistic Approach In UX

As designers, your approach needs to be holistic. You need to cover the entire spectrum of UX design. Site-maps, wireframes, mocked screen designs and layouts are but a few of the most recognised deliverables of UX. However, it does not mean that you are implementing a user-centric design approach with only these outputs. UX must be applied from concept to delivery – from identifying users’ needs and goals, all the way to validation and testing.

The Need For A UX Framework

One advantage of having a user-centric design framework is that it helps you make better, more relatable and more engaging digital products. With UX as your guide, you are able to connect the dots seamlessly; from getting your user’s attention, delivering relatable content, to engaging them with compelling narratives, visuals and interactivity.

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This talk was presented by Carlo at the Exabytes Designer Club’s meetup on 15 April 2016, with its members consisting mostly of web designers, developers and graphic designers.

Usually held in various cities in Malaysia, this was the club’s first meetup in Singapore, offering members insights on generating creativity, improving user experiences, as well as achieving sustainability in their websites.